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Our Readers Write:

I am enclosing my renewal for your marvellous newsletter. I am a librarian for the past 30 years, and I have never seen a newsletter or magazine that provided so much invaluable information in each issue. Not just the info. about moving to Ireland, but most especially the hundreds of items on art and crafts, associations and events and first person articles – if you merely collected and published in one ‘back’ - as is, several years of your publication it would be a golden resource for all who have an interest in Ireland today and yesterday. I am not being half as enthusiastic as I feel…!
Ms. R.P. ( recently moved to Ireland from the USA).

Heartiest congratulations on the magnificent publication you produce – a magazine that is informative, and provides a wide variety of interesting, well researched topics relating to Ireland. Whilst I have never visited that Country, the regular reading of INSIDE IRELAND makes me feel as if I have been there. Could you run this enquiry? Contact is sought from any Corcorans descended from Michael Corcoran and Sarah Egan who married at Banagher, Ireland 14th May 1800. (This couple were my gr. gr. Grandparents). Their eldest son, Peter, born 1804, emigrated to Victoria, Australia, in 1840 with his wife, Mary Ann Temple. Peter’s younger brother Daniel, married Catherine Kenny. Anyone with information about Michael and Sarah, please contact INSIDE IRELAND.
Mr. B.J.C. Sydney, Australia.

WE are very happy with INSIDE IRELAND. It in fact contains not only very useful, but very delightful information.
Mr. M. U. Hamburg, Germany

This is really to thank you for taking so much trouble with the directions you sent me. The map is brilliant and will be a tremendous help – I always pass on my INSIDE IRELAND to my English friends.
Mr. M.C. Oxford, England.

I received your special real estate edition of INSIDE IRELAND on Tuesday, and have hardly been able to put it down. Normally I love my job, but I have really resented it this week because it has taken time away from reading this issue.
Mrs. T.K.G. Evanston, IL

I have intended for some time to write to express my high regard for your great magazine. I have found it to be all, really more than, I had expected. By now I greet each arrival with all of the enthusiasm usually reserved for meeting an old and dear friend…it is very easy for me to recommend it without reservation to anyone with an interest in Ireland.

As a non Irish with no ties to Ireland, I have found your articles very beneficial in making some preliminary decisions in my current plans for spending the summer months in Dublin after my retirement…..I am impressed by the quality and the plain good sense of your magazine. It has been a tremendous help to me and I look forward to continuing to read it both here and after I have established myself in Ireland.
Ms. L.W. Old Hickory, TN.

Enclosed is my renewal cheque. Sometimes I think I get twice as much out of INSIDE IRELAND living here instead of the USA. We both continue to enjoy it immensely.
Ms. A.B. (Ireland and the USA).

Just received your wonderful INSIDE IRELAND. Continue the good work and let us know more about those fascinating places to stay – in Ireland and also your Top travel Tips abroad.
Mr. P. McM. London, England.

Your article on ghosts got us excited. Could you please give us information on Haunted Houses in Ireland? We’ll be visiting later on, and would love a night or two of being scared senseless or at least spooked and amused…..
Ms. V.C. Windsor Locks, CT.

We received your packet and are overwhelmed with all the information you sent. I enclose a check to cover the postage and thank you for the time and trouble you have put into our query.
Mr. And Mrs. W.C. Auburn Hills, MI

My first issue of INSIDE IRELAND arrived yesterday and I have almost memorised it. I am moving to Ireland shortly without ever having been there before. The Irish tourist Board and Consulate have sent some excellent material and I have many knowledgeable friends who are helping me to plan, but nothing compares to your newsletter. It is easy to see why you have survived for so long when others have failed. You give the impression of being a personal friend who will help me, never mind all the other subscribers.
Ms. J.W. Bellevue, WA

As an American College Professor who has taught courses in both Irish History as well as that of Irish America, I have found your publication often to be an unanticipated treasure chest of fascinating and rich tid-bits and insight. These have been both personally pleasurable and found their way into my teaching and lectures. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Prof. V.P. Worcester, MA I

I was so glad of your Discount Voucher on my recent visit to Ireland. I saved well over $100, and my initial $40 investment was over doubled with the voucher, let alone all the information and enjoyment while reading INSIDE IRELAND.
Ms. B.R. Roberts, WI

And that’s just a sample of the mail that comes in our post bag each week!

Past Press Mentions: (our up to date address is at the bottom of each page)

A newsletter that has attracted several thousand subscribers in the United States is INSIDE IRELAND. It Offers articles on places to go, shopping and crafts as well as genealogy, property buying and study opportunities. The spring issue – there are four issues a year – includes an accommodations guide listing places to stay – from private homes to hotels, with prices from about $30.00 a person a night, including breakfast. The newsletter also runs an information service for subscribers. Inside Ireland costs $40.00 a year.Write to INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
The New York Times

INSIDE IRELAND (subscription $40.00 annually) a quarterly newsletter, has useful information and regular articles on buying real estate in Ireland.
Town & Country Magazine

INSIDE IRELAND, the Dublin- based Information Service and Quarterly Review, is still publishing after many years. This excellent publication, founded and edited by Brenda Weir offers IACI members a sample copy of a past issue (to celebrate another birthday,) if you send her your name and address to PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland. Frommer’s Guide says that INSIDE IRELAND is an eclectic collection of witty and informative tidbits, in-depth articles, humour, services such as restaurant reviews and accommodation services, answers to costs etc. of Irish visits and shopping and touring advice. Congratulations to Brenda Weir and her excellent quarterly review.
Ducas, Journal of the Irish American Cultural Institute.

INSIDE IRELAND is a quarterly publication ($40) providing information for tourists and visitors, a free genealogy booklet, real estate supplements and retirement information. Write INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 469111, Escondido, CA 92030 (birthday offer).
The Denver Post

For those heading to Ireland, INSIDE IRELAND a quarterly newsletter, helps in planning and is always packed with lots of information on the country. There’s a special offer to our readers of a FREE back copy of the newsletter; subscribers also receive a genealogical booklet, an accommodations guide, discount vouchers and access to an information service on topics that include retirement to Ireland, matchmaking, penpals

Write to INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland (send $4 for airmail delivery).
The Boston Globe

INSIDE IRELAND, an information service and quarterly review, contains articles on all aspects of contemporary Irish life. Subscribers also receive supplements on genealogy, real estate, recommended accommodations,and discount vouchers. Subscription is $40.00. from INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
Transitions Abroad.

Anyone thinking of travelling to Ireland will find INSIDE IRELAND of help. This quarterly publication has been around since 1978, so it must be doing something right. Those subscribing ($40 a year) receive some very good benefits, including a free Genealogical Booklet, discount vouchers on services and a guide to recommended accommodations. There is also highly personalised information on readers’ questions, ranging from retiring to the Emerald Isle to sheep sponsorship. To sample the publication write to INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
The Boston Sunday Globe

INSIDE IRELAND absolutely abounds with useful and charming information about the Emerald Isle and all things Irish-American. Whether it’s a guide to Ireland’s best pubs by region, an explanation of the high crosses of Ireland, listing the percentage of Irish-Americans living in all 50 states or information on holding dual citizenship or naturalisation, the newsletter is a must for anyone of Celtic ancestry who takes a pride in having ties to the “old sod.” A year’s subscription to the quarterly is $40.00. Write to INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
The Chicago Tribune

INSIDE IRELAND a 27 year old quarterly newsletter aimed at the Irish American market in the United States, is chock-full of helpful snippets on restaurants, accommodations and shopping. The publisher also answers subscribers’ questions on all facets of Irish life such as buying a home in Ireland. Subscriptions, $40.00. INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
The San Francisco Examiner

INSIDE IRELAND, une publication trimestrielle de langue anglaise dirigee par Brenda Weir a Dublin, est destinee principalement aux Americains d’origine irlandaise. Mais comme le prouve le sommaire ci-dessus du dernier numero qui marque sa 27 annee, on y trouve des articles d’actualite sur tous les aspects de l’Irelande. Si vous desirez recevoir un exemplaire gratuite, demandez-le a l’adresse suivante et vous pourrez eventuellement souscrire un abonnement annuel de 22 lives irlandaises. INSIDE IRELAND, PO Box 1886, Dublin, 16, Ireland.
Nouvelles Irlandaises, Comite France-Irlande



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