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That's the sort of question we get asked from time to time here at INSIDE IRELAND, along with queries like: (click on the question for sample article. Remember these are old articles and the content may be out of date. Our members can contact us directly for the most up to date information.)

Is Ireland as I remember it? I wonder what's happening with Irish dance?
When exactly did the Irish convict ships sail for Australia? Do the Irish still speak in Irish, or do they even want to?
I'd love to retire in Ireland, but how do I find out about actually doing it? I wonder what it must be like to drive around the Irish coastline?
How do I find out about my Irish ancestors? Changes to Irish citizenship laws
What is happening to Irish Agriculture? I love Irish music, but where do I find out more about it when I get to Ireland?
How do I get around Ireland by bus? What are the most historic towns in Ireland?
Was Dracula an Irishman? What's all this I hear about the new currency, the 'Euro?'
Is it true that the famous stone walls of Ireland stretch for over a quarter of a million miles? What is the weather like in Ireland?
Does Inside Ireland receive or print any of the letters it receives? More About Genes - Are the Irish really a race apart?
Does Inside Ireland print any snippets of information, not necessarily full articles? The Gaelic Athletic Association. - a unique Irish Organisation

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