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"We have so enjoyed INSIDE IRELAND over the past years but find we will have to end our subscription. We have finally decided to move to the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. It was the warm weather that seduced my husband. I would much prefer Ireland but since we have purchased property and he is currently building a house, I guess we'll have to try it for a while......Perhaps one day I will be contacting you again with a new subscription. In the meantime, thank you for your help in the past when I had questions and do keep up the good work. You have a wonderful publication."
Mrs. C. McC., Valley Village, CA

"I am seeking information on people leaving Ireland. Is there an agency or bureau that has kept records by date, name of emigrant, name of ship and its destination? My dad was born in 1876 in Co. Waterford. I know he was in Boston, MA, but would dearly love to know when he left Ireland. If such records were kept, the question is are they available to a mail request by me. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can give."
Mr. W.F., Aurora, IL

The best people to contact for the information you require would be The Genealogical Publishing Company Inc., 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202, Telephone 1-800-296-6687, or fax 1-410-752-8492. They publish lists of passengers that left Ireland by date and the ships they departed on. If you send them the information you require I am sure they will be able to tell you where to look. Good luck!

"A note to thank you for your help and prompt answer to my requests of a few weeks past. The article on islands was helpful as was the rather large hunk on island development. I can't thank you enough for your kindness and information. Inside Ireland as usual has never failed me and always gave the extra mile indeed."
J.B., Little Compton, RI

"We are coming to Ireland in 2001 for a vacation and would like to keep in touch with the folks back in the U.S. Is it possible to hire a cell phone and if so, what would it cost?"
Ms. A.D., Boise, ID.

There is a company called Global Phone Hire, telephone Dublin 830 2977 and I spoke to Sara there. She says you could rent a phone for £30.00 per week plus calls which are charged per minute or part thereof: It costs £2.84 per minute to call to the US for example. They also request a deposit of £200.00 which is of course refundable. Their address is 140 Phibsboro Rd. (opposite Tesco supermarket in Phibsboro). If you just want to make local calls here in Ireland it would probably be cheapest to buy a phone (about £20) and just pay-as-you-go with a phone card.

"I have been with INSIDE IRELAND for so many years now and enjoy the read as much now as when I started. In February I bought the Lansdowne Arms Hotel in Kenmare - a lovely 26 bedroom hotel built in the 1790s. The experience has been great and we have added live traditional music to our bar - "Moerans," seven nights a week in high season. The mix of locals and tourists create a great atmostphere. To my fellow readers of INSIDE IRELAND I would like to extend a 10% discount on accommodation; Just bring this letter along with you."
Mr. Richard Voke, Charlestown, MA.. A.D., Boise, ID

"I've been a subscriber for several years and continue to enjoy the variety of useful and interesting articles. In the current edition the listing of golf courses in Co. Donegal omitted one of Ireland's best golf destinations, Ballyliffin Golf Club in Inishowen. The Glashedy links, the newest of the two 18-hole layouts, was rated among the ten best courses in Ireland by Barrons magazine in a recent travel report. The course hosted the 1998 Womens' Open.

A visit to Ballyliffin will reward the golfer with a great outing. Spectacular scenery, warm hospitality, and the food served in the beautiful newly opened club house."
Mr. N.McL., San Mateo, CA

"Belated thanks for your letter; for years I had tried to clear my query with the Dept. of Defence - even through our London Embassy, but without success. But you did it straight away, so I say "Bless You." .... I would like to obtain a book on James Larkin. No doubt a few will have been published, but choosing would be difficult ...".
Mr. J.L. Sheffield, England.

....I have asked the library here what books are available on general sale about James Larkin ...here are the ones they gave me and you can look into it further yourself: James Larkin - Lion of the Fold, editor Donal Nevin, published Gill & Macmillan. City in Revolt - James Larkin and the Belfast Dock Strike, by John Gray. In the footsteps of Big Jim; A family Biography by Jim Larkin. 1913 Jim Larkin and the Dublin Lock Out. Published by The Workers Union of Ireland (this is a reference book). Jim Larkin - Irish Labour Leader, by R.M. Fox. Jim Larkin - the rise of the Underman , same author. Disturbed Dublin - The Story of the Great Strike of 1913/14 by Arnold Wright (another reference book). These are the main ones on James Larkin: There are of course lots of other books on related topics in which he figures !

You produce an interesting and informative magazine. I discover golden nuggets of information upon every reading.

In your letters section, one of your responses referred to the Tailors Hall in Dublin. Recently, I learned that my great-grandfather, who lived in Carrickmacross, Monaghan in the 19th century, had been a tailor. Will you consider doing an article on the Tailoring trade during the 19th century? I donít remember reading about this trade in any other publication. On another topic, I plan at some point to visit Ireland and would appreciate the following information. Is there a direct flight from the West of Ireland to Dundee, Scotland? Or from anywhere else in Ireland? What is the air fare? How long is the flight? How frequent?
Ms. K.C. Brooklyn, NY

Iím afraid an article on the tailoring trade only would be too specialised for INSIDE IRELAND.

With regard to your query about direct flights to Dundee, Iím sorry to say there are none. There are flights from Dublin Airport to Edinburgh or Glasgow. These cost between £80.00 to £100.00 plus tax depending on the special offers you can pick up. They go from three to five times a day depending where and when you go.

Shannon has no flights to Scotland. The nearest airport is Manchester in England. Cork has three flights on week days to Glasgow, two at weekends. The price would be the same. The flights are about one hour to one and a half hours long depending where you start and finish!




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