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When you join INSIDE IRELAND ask us to send you a FREE copy of our 16 page Genealogical supplement if you are interested in starting a Search for your Irish Ancestors. This includes our genealogical Questionnaire. If you complete this as best you can, and send it back to us plus the $30.00 /€25.50 fee, our consultant genealogist will give you an initial expert assessment on the likelihood of success (or otherwise) of further Searches.

This is invaluable as it can certainly save you money if the information you have is too sparse for further work, or it can point you in the right direction – maybe to undertake further research in your own country before commissioning anyone here to go to work for you. Or, of course, it may encourage you to decide to commission a genealogist to undertake a professional Search for you (it doesn’t have to be the INSIDE IRELAND genealogist – you can choose who you want)!


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